“We were extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Daniel. Filling in as a studio drummer, he made the impossible possible for us. His work was very clean and his performance was exactly what we were looking for. Not only does he have amazing technique, but has an honest and effective approach towards music. Working with someone who is as passionate as he is makes for a great experience!”


Alternative Pop Band (El Paso, TX), https://avindale.bandcamp.com/

“I’ve taken lessons from Daniel for about a year and I am very impressed.  Daniel knows drum and music theory inside and out, and how it applies to making it work in bands and on gigs.  He’s very patient when I get stuck and always breaks things down and sticks with it until I get it right.  I greatly appreciate that we don’t spend the valuable lesson time with just his showing his drumming skills.  There’s a perfect mix of showing me ‘how’ and working with me to get it right.  He’s also helped me with some of the technical bits like setup and tuning.  I believe I am in great hands, and I highly recommend Daniel as a drum instructor and mentor.”

Ric Mackie

Private Student

“We had originally planned to integrate Daniel as a session drummer for one song on our EP, but it quickly became clear that he had a a lot to contribute as a writer for drums and percussion. He ended up playing on most of the songs and helped us flesh out our sound and vision. Any group would be lucky to have him work with them on their songs, can’t wait until the next project.”


Alternative Band

“Being Daniel’s student for almost a year now I can definitely say he is one of the most genuine people I have ever met! Not only is he a fantastic musician he is an incredible teacher. He makes sure that you understand what your learning and not just nodding and smiling along. He really wants his students to take in what music is all about. His drive and passion for music really shows through his teaching too, you can truly tell he loves what he does and as a student that energy is humbling.”

Sarah Jagerhorn

Private Student

“Daniel has been thoroughly reliable in both capability and professionalism. Additionally, with electronic elements requiring near perfect execution on drum pads and backtracks he’s one of the few players that are geared up and considerable.”

Saint Solitaire

Artist, http://saintsolitaire.com/

“Daniel is such a pleasure to work with. As a professional and a highly skilled drummer, he takes pride in his work and consistently goes above and beyond what is expected. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of his work in addition to the fact that he’s just an all around great guy!”

Rachel Wagner

Singer-Songwriter, http://bandcamp.rachelwagner.com/

“Daniel combines a great mix of creativity and solid playing. Not only is he super flexible stylistically, but he’s one of the most dependable musicians I’ve had the privilege to work with – always a great experience!”

Wyley Wilkin

Worship Director/Composer, Pleasant Grove Community Church

“Daniel has been a contracted hired drummer for Saved By The 90s since February 2017. Since we have been working together, he has been nothing short of amazing. In addition to his talented musicianship and percussion skills, he is professional in every sense of the word, always on time, easy to work with, and comes to every rehearsal or gig fully prepared. He is competent in playing all genres of music, and performs them all extremely well. With Saved By The 90s, he’s required to travel around California and often out of state as well. He is a pleasure to travel with and again, comes fully prepared to the gig with all travel necessities. I would recommend hiring Daniel for any band or show if there is a need for a professional, easy to work with, competent and confident drummer.”

Danny Finerman

Frontman of "Saved By The 90s" Cover Band

“After working with Daniel for over a year I can confidently say that he has some of the best time management skills I have ever seen as well as a firm commitment to completing his work and doing it right. Anyone would be fortunate to have him on their team.”

Josh Grayem

Composer, Odame